[BERG] Exam answers

James Anderson j.r.anderson at stir.ac.uk
Fri Mar 2 11:40:45 GMT 2012

Dear BERGers,

While tidying up in my office I found these extracts from students' answers
to the 46AK exam in 2003. Quite amusing!

³There is a number of different ways in which this competition manifests
itself. One of these is scrabble competition.²
³Natural selection favours a short life for males.²
³Only very occasionally will the male participate greatly in the copulation
³Such strategies may include use of a sperm plug. Sperm here may block the
entrance to the females to ensure no other species can mate with them and
beat their sperm to the women¹s egg.²
³Males are more interested in women who have wide hips, a thin stomach and a
low waist to hip ratio. This fits with the idea that males don¹t want their
child to compete with excess fat during pregnancy.²

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