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Danau Girang Field Centre is offering the opportunity for aspiring conservationists, primatologists, and ecologists to observe and study some of Borneo’s endemic and charismatic primates, including: Bornean orang-utan, proboscis monkeys, Bornean gibbon, maroon leaf monkey, silvered leaf-monkey, long-trail macaque, pig-tail macaque, Western tarsier and Bornean slow loris. The Primate Behaviour and Ecology Field Course will run for 2 weeks, and participants will learn the fundamental methods in studying primates in the wild. Along with the introductory techniques of behavioural sampling, censusing and phenology, participants will also be trained in satellite and radio-tracking, primate vocalisation, and fecal analysis for diet and parasites.

Located along the Kinabatangan River in Sabah, Borneo, the field centre is surrounded by lowland dipterocarp and swamp forest, some of the most important and productive wetlands in Malaysia. Located within a landscape with significant human impact (primarily oil palm plantations), it is an ideal area for investigating the influence and interaction of human encroachment on the diversity, behaviour and abundance of the local wildlife.

Along with the primate field work, participants will also be able to participate in other on-going studies and projects throughout the course of the program, which may include: camera trapping, amphibian surveys, small-mammal trapping, and crocodile tracking with radio-telemetry and satellite.

This field course is open to any level of students, but especially for degree level. The course runs from 4-18 August, 2012 at a cost of £1000. Applications are due by 31 January 2012, and filled on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact danicastark at gmail.com<x-msg://9/danicastark@gmail.com> for more information and for an application pack.

For more information, visit us at “Danau Girang Field Centre” on Facebook to see current news at the station and to for pictures of the site and surrounding wildlife.

Benoit Goossens, PhD
Danau Girang Field Centre, Sabah, Malaysia
Centre email: danaugirangfieldcentre at yahoo.com<x-msg://9/danaugirangfieldcentre@yahoo.com>

Cardiff University
School of Biosciences
Biodiversity and Ecological Processes Group
Biomedical Sciences Building
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I am based in Sabah, Malaysia:
Danau Girang Field Centre
c/o Sabah Wildlife Department
Wisma Muis, Block B 5th Floor
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Cell phone: 00 60 (0)128364005
Office phone: 00 60 (0) 88 211645
Fax: 00 60 (0) 88 222 476
Email: goossensbr at cardiff.ac.uk<x-msg://9/goossensbr@cardiff.ac.uk>

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