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In case this is of interest to anyone...

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Primate Keeper at Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary, Looe, Cornwall

This is a rare and exciting opportunity for up to three people to join an experienced team of primate carers at a highly respected primate sanctuary. Public speaking, practical skills and a passion and empathy for our fellow primates are some of the skills, interests and qualities being sought.

For at least one of the roles, strong practical skills are desirable to aid enclosure enrichment and maintenance as well as contributing to management of the Sanctuary grounds and gardens. One of the keeper roles will also have an education focus.

Candidates will be formally interviewed for these positions and selected according to demonstrated ability to fulfil the following:

Primary Responsibilities

To become a member of the Primate Welfare Team at Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary.  You will be aware of and have a commitment to the aims of Wild Futures. You will learn to distinguish individual monkeys and to show a sensitivity towards them which indicates your suitability as a keeper. Under the supervision of experienced staff you will be trained to become one of the monkeys' primary caregivers.

Daily duties include: cleaning and enriching enclosures, helping with the rehabilitation and socialisation of the primates, preparing and distributing food and medication; all whilst monitoring the health and well-being of the monkeys in your care. You will be responsible for maintaining daily up-to date information on the status and wellbeing of each individual through a computer database.

You will also: learn about general primate healthcare, assist in keeping up to date with the latest research in primate healthcare and welfare, participate in all aspects of a monkey's veterinary visit, upkeep and ordering of medication, help with enclosure maintenance.  You will help co-ordinate and train volunteers and carry out other tasks that are essential to the day to day running of the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is open to the public for seven months of the year.  You will be required to educate visitors and other groups, via public talks and workshops, about the individual primates in our care, about primates in the wild and the problems that they face in captivity, about the conservation of primates, and about the history and ethos of Wild Futures and the Monkey Sanctuary.  You will also be asked to help at the admissions desk, as the need arises.

Other responsibilities

You will also:

Share responsibility for tasks essential to the running of the Sanctuary (such as cleaning public toilets, doing the weekly shopping trip) via a rota system.

Be expected to develop and maintain good communications with all team members and to demonstrate a good sense of humour!

Need to show that you can be flexible in your work, adapting to new situations as they arise and you will be able to prioritise work according to tasks you have been given (with monkey care taking priority).

Be expected to work five full days a week plus up to two nights 'cover' (overnight responsibility), and to be flexible about your days off.

You will have an allowance of thirty days annual leave per annum.  Must be flexible about annual leave and willing to work on bank holidays.

Salary £13,000 per annum gross.

Applicants must be UK or EU residents or have permission to work in the UK.

Please send a CV and letter of interest to 'Healthcare/Keeper role' before 10 November 2010, preferably via email. Please include a SAE if you apply by post.

healthcare at wildfutures.org

Wild Futures
The Monkey Sanctuary
Murrayton House


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